Get Ready for a “Real” Good Sign Season

It’s that time of year again: homeowners are sprucing up houses for sale, and real estate professionals are preparing to order the signage they need to dominate their market.

Do you know the best ways to showcase the properties you have available? Here are a handful of do’s and don’t’s to help you create a “real” good real estate sign season:


  • Your research. What’s unique about each neighborhood? Are there good schools within walking distance, or with school bus service? How about a grocery store that sells organic produce? The more you can tell, the easier the sell.
  • Make your staging strategic. Choose a focal point in each room, but minimize clutter so your prospective buyer can visualize their own furniture and accessories adorning the walls and floor.
  • Include the entire family in your open house. By all means, serve refreshments, and have some toys and books available for any children who may accompany their parents. After all, if the kids feel right at home, it might cinch the deal for the adult buyers.
  • Build relationships. A house is the biggest financial investment most people will ever make. It may take some time to find the right property. The more effort you put into getting to know each client, the better you’ll be able to serve them.


  • Overdo scent. A growing number of people are scent-sensitive. Instead of artificial fragrances, which can cause allergic reactions, choose an understated floral arrangement that ideally has no or low scent.
  • Make it difficult for prospective buyers to view the home. People who work full time will probably need to look at homes on the weekend or in the evenings. The more flexible you are, the easier you make it for someone to view — and bid on — your property.

Top 10 Warning Signs of Good Health

Signage is such a ubiquitous part of our lives that we generally take it for granted: from road signs to street signs to billboards, yard signs to spinner signs to commercial real estate signs, we’re inundated daily. And of course we constantly see warning signs, online and in print, for every imaginable health condition.

But warning signs of a positive nature? Not so much.

We recently came across this list of the Top 10 Warning Signs of Good Health and thought it was a super game-changer for 2014:

  1. Persistent sense of humor. Do you feel the desire to be positive even in challenging situations? You might want to post a custom foamboard sign in your office that says something like, “Warning: Happy Guy” (or Gal).
  2. Chronic positive expectations; tendency to frame events in a constructive light. If you perpetually see the glass as half-full, a custom license plate might be just the ticket: how about “B +ive” or “B Happy”?
  3. Episodic outbreaks of joyful experiences. This one’s easy: grab a spinner sign and get your groove on!
  4. Sense of spiritual involvement. You could sit in the lotus position at lunchtime and start a yoga epidemic.
  5. Tendency to adapt well to changing conditions.
  6. Rapid response to and recovery from stress and repeated challenges. How about a bumper sticker with, “I brake for joy.” It will definitely make people think twice.
  7. Increased appetite for physical activity. Grab your sneakers: you’re the top choice to place yard signs all over town.
  8. Tendency to identify and communicate feelings. Hang an office banner shouting, “You all rock!”
  9. Repeated episodes of gratitude and generosity. Life-size custom cutouts for the team? Aw, you shouldn’t have!
  10. Continuing presence of support network. Given all of the above, we bet your team is going to shower you with support. And that’s good for everyone’s health.

Superman Revisited: Super Signage

Look! Up on those stakes! It’s a surfboard! It’s a blackboard! It’s super signage!

Yes, it’s super signage, able to deliver exactly what you need faster and cheaper than your local sign shop! Super Cheap Signs ships to all fifty states as well as Canada: over 10,000 yard signs, banners, and vehicle magnets every week. That’s a lot of signage. And while it might seem as though we have super powers, it’s really down to our commitment, customer service, computer technologies, high volume, and superior products. These magical ingredients combine to turn Super Cheap Signs into a high flyer when it comes to being the odds-on sign company favorite.

Because not only do we provide fast, cheap signage: it’s also top quality. From custom reflective aluminum to extremely durable and weatherproof PVC, 4mm corrugated plastic to premium 13-ounce vinyl, we understand and have what it takes to create signs that stand the test of time — and the elements.

This is why real estate professionals, political candidates and business owners rely on Super Cheap Signs: to get the word out about their business or candidacy in the most effective, efficient, affordable manner possible.

We may not wear capes, but we’re the go-to resource when only super-powered signage design and delivery will do!

Artistic License: Great Signage

Is your business constitutionally capable of great signage?

That’s a bit of wordplay, just like this engaging series of license plates. 51 license plates — one from each state plus the District of Columbia — spell out the Constitution’s preamble in “licensese”.

While we don’t know whether any enterprising business owner has ever used our signs to spell out a message as august as this, we definitely provide license to say what you mean in a wide variety of ways, from car magnets to yard signs, banners to billboards.

Some people may feel they’re “not artistic,” though as the license plate series illustrates, art is in the eye of the beholder. So while you may regard a paintbrush as a foreign object, consider what process, project, product or personal behavior might be construed as “art”, and how this could positively impact your business.

For example: a young woman who works in the health and beauty department of a natural foods store has an innate flair for fashion. Using her body as the canvas, she creates startlingly original outfits with items of clothing and jewelry gleaned from thrift and antique shops. Coupled with complementary hairstyles and outfit-appropriate make-up, she creates a strong sense of style. No two outfits are ever exactly alike. She also happens to be extremely knowledgeable about the store’s products, and is very customer service oriented. Her personal artistic presentation adds color and interest to her customer service, and boosts sales from customers who want to emulate her style.

Where is the artistic license in your business? How can you capitalize on this feature or benefit to enhance customer service, employee satisfaction, productivity or sales?

Keep It In the Community: Local Marketing

In our incredibly shrinking world, “local” sounds almost anachronistic. When we can have BFFs across the country or across the globe up close and personal at the stroke of a screen, when couples have transcontinental relationships, when our food is shipped fresh and bright to grocery store shelves from another country, does GPS makes sense anywhere except in a vehicle?

Surprisingly, yes. The Go Local movement is gaining ground. From farmer’s markets to Yelp reviews, Google Maps to hyper-local ezines, people are hungry to learn more about their immediate neighborhood. Until we can drink virtual latté, this trend will likely continue.

What does Go Local marketing mean for signage?

  • Sign up for the local angle. Consider affixing “Buy Local” decals to your products or packaging to remind customers you’re a local business, and that by buying your products, their dollars remain in the community to boost the local economy. Your in-store banners and external marketing products such as sandwich boards and spinner signs should all carry the “Buy Local” theme.
  • Socialize locally. Social media is global, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t play up the local focus. On your Facebook page, for instance (yes, your business definitely needs to have one), you can reward new and existing customers who “Like” your page — which also tells other site visitors that they prefer to shop locally. The thank-you for a “Like” can be anything from a one-time discount to a small gift with their next purchase — a simple way to acknowledge support and let them know you appreciate their business. Be sure to include an image of your “Buy Local” signage on your Facebook real estate.
  • Support the community. Does the high school football team need signage for their stadium? Could your town’s SeniorCenter use some help hanging holiday banners, balloons or lights? Every community offers numerous opportunities to make a difference — and the positive PR for your business is a nice side benefit.

Who knows, with all this local emphasis, you might just find a new best buddy across town, rather than across the world.

Talking Heads

If you’re over 35, chances are you remember the Talking Heads, or at least some of their lyrics that became pop culture catchphrases, such as, “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco…”

Well, in the twenty-teens, everything old is new again. Our Custom Big Head Cutouts don’t sing, but they’re definitely the life of the party, lending your event the kind of promotional swag others will envy and want to emulate.

Staging a sporting event for a client? Put the star players’ images front and center at a captivating 28 x 17″. Want to endear yourself to a granddaughter’s heart for all time? Give her the gift of her favorite American Idol winner as a Big Head Cutout for her bedroom wall. Her friends will promptly want their own Custom Big Head Cutouts, too!

Creating a Custom Big Head Cutout is simple. All you need to do is upload a face, and Super Cheap Signs will take care of the rest! Digital, full-color, high-resolution print images with color that really pops await your delight, whatever the occasion — which is limited only by your imagination.

These unique, eye-catching cutouts are impressive, and work in a wide variety of settings. Who knows, a supervisor with a love of the mirror might enjoy having one of these cutouts delivered to his office — if he has a sense of humor, that is.

Foam on the Range: Foamboard signs

Everybody from kids to grandparents loves foam. Think Nerf balls, foam baseballs, paddleballs, mattress toppers, yoga mats…the list goes on. So if you’re foaming at the mouth trying to come up with creative ways to say the same thing differently with your advertising, think foam, foam on the range: foamboard signs, that is!

Foam is where the art is. Foamboard is a backing material widely used in framing art: a superior quality, versatile foam sheet sandwiched between PVC plastic to give you reliable results every time.

Foamboard is fabulous for advertising everything from your store’s holiday sale to a new product display. You can write on foamboard with Super Cheap Signs’ permanent markers, creating a personalized message for your special audience. You can even use foamboard for spinner signs, adding to its adaptability. While they’re ideal for indoor use, foamboard signs are relatively durable in outdoor weather, too, holding up for awhile even in the rain before beginning to dissolve. (This can also be a fun experience for employees with a quirky sense of humor.)

When you use our foamboard for indoor advertising, however, the main caveat is to prevent people from wanting to play with it the way they do with packing peanuts. Maybe you’ll want to keep some play foam around to distract your more artistic customers. A game of Nerf baseball, anyone?

Is Your Message Tasteful?

Remember the old Starkist Tuna commercial with Charlie the Tuna? Charlie was always showing off his “good taste,” only to be told, “Charlie, Starkist doesn’t want tuna with good taste. Starkist wants tuna that taste good!”

Well, at Super Cheap Signs, the opposite is true: we DO want signage with good taste (and if you’re super-creative and fashion it out of something that also tastes good, that’s a bonus). What you don’t want is to create a message that offends, no matter how well it sells. Like the marketing company owner in Waco, Texas who decided female bondage was a creative way to sell car decals. While the decal did result in a business spike, the company also received its share of negative press, both online and off, for seeming to condone violence to women.

In a world where gratuitous violence is routinely depicted as entertainment, it’s easy to understand how people can become inured to the inappropriate — or even think it’s humorous instead of horrifying.

But you don’t need to go to such extremes in order to generate clever, funny, and appropriate car magnets. All you need is a little creativity. For instance, people have been taking humorous photos (and more recently, making humorous videos) about their pets for years. We even suggested awhile back how animals could contribute to creative signage. Perhaps your pet or a YouTube pet video will give you ideas for how to design your own Super Cheap Signs car magnet. Or maybe a member of your staff has a funny idea that will work. You can also to ask us; we’re happy to help.

Feel free to make your message as uncommon and unique as your business. We simply suggest you also make sure your signage is always in good taste!

We Love It Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

If the Beatles had released “She Loves You” as an infomercial, it would have been a hit in the business world. Why? Because, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, “yeah” is the most persuasive word in meetings. (As an aside, John Lennon once described how he met Yoko Ono: Her conceptual art exhibit involved climbing a ladder to view a tiny ceiling painting through a magnifying glass. The word inscribed on the ceiling was “Yes.”)

Clearly, being supportive signifies progress. If people agree with what you suggest, the meeting moves forward. If someone objects, progress stalls. This is the core concept behind comedy improvisation as well: actors learn to begin with what is, discover rather than manipulate the action, and say “yes, and” rather than “but” or “no”, regardless of how improbable the next step may appear. In this way, improv creates high comedy — and it’s also a good game plan for life.

Think about how well this could work for real estate solutions: your yard sign might offer a brief checklist of a home’s best features, an intrinsic “yes” for shoppers seeking these attributes.

Or maybe you’d like to invest in some stickers that simply say “Yes!” and distribute them to everyone in your office or department. Imagine the next not-so-boring meeting, when participants affix them to their lapels or collars. It may be the first time everyone leaves a meeting smiling.

We encourage you to use your imagination to devise creative ways our signage can help you say yes — to your business, to your customers, to your employees, to your success. We love the idea, and hope you love it, too. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…

Say What? Marketing Brilliance!

Because we live in a visual world with nanosecond attention spans, the words on your sign are as important as the colors you choose and the type of signage (banner, yard sign, sandwich board, etc.) you select. The following are a handful of brainstorm-like questions to help you achieve marketing brilliance:

The five types of power questions to start the ball rolling in the right direction:

  1. R-Mode. These questions use the right side of the brain, which thinks in images and patterns rather than words.
  2. What-if. These types of questions, popular with children, encourage imaginative thinking.
  3. Wild-card. Think of ‘The Riddler’ in Batman. Wild-card questions stretch the limits of credulity, and may turn up unexpected ideas or problems.
  4. So-what. These questions turn assumptions on their ear, by asking why we believe what we do or why a certain product’s features matter.
  5. Appreciative. This type of question, as its name implies, focuses on what’s right with the situation rather than on what needs to be changed.

Some ways to delve into the question categories:


  • What is beautiful or unusual about this product or service?
  • At a gut level, how do I feel about this product/service?
  • What do I hope will happen? What am I afraid might happen?


  • What if we failed — what good might emerge from that?
  • What if we toss out everything we think we know and start fresh?
  • What if I let my team handle this with no input from me?


  • What trends could alter our business completely?
  • What could decimate us?


  • What’s so terrific about our new product? This type of question requires participants to drill down to essence level: if they keep asking about the product, eventually they’ll arrive at the core reason your improvements make a difference for the customer (such as increased productivity).


  • What do we do well?
  • What’s the grandest version of our highest vision?

Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Asking powerful questions will help your business create eye-opening sign verbiage that causes potential customers to stop, take a second look — and enter your place of business.